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The dishes
White soup

Algerian soup with white sauce is a very easy and very tasty recipe in Algiers that requires very few ingredients. This soup is light, well-scented, often garnished with a small vermicelli noodles. Cinnamon flavored soup pida and at the end of cooking we add the so-called knot mixture of lemon juice, parsley and egg yolk to bind the sauce.


It is most often served with a vegetable stew accompanied by meat, and is sometimes served in a traditional clay tagine. The main dish consists of a mixture of couscous (cereals) and chickpeas (legumes), but without meat, legumes play the role of a protein supplier. It can also be eaten on its own, flavored or plain, hot or cold.


It is a recipe that can be found in many families, where it is known by different names. It is a very common dish in the kitchens of Algiers and the dish can be based on stuffed grape leaves in some regions or stuffed vegetables (zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes, peppers or cabbage…) in other regions. The filling contains rice, sometimes minced meat, onions and spices.


It is a symbol of Algiers gastronomy. This dish is often eaten during Eid al-Fitr, but is especially prepared during religious holidays, such as the Mawlid or Ashura and family celebrations such as baptisms, engagements or weddings. This dish is usually served with a white sauce flavored with cinnamon. The main ingredients for ricotta are pasta, meat, chicken, chickpeas, kale, and zucchini.


Matyout (Mathum) is a traditional dish from the cuisine of Algiers. A dish served at weddings or Ramadan celebrations. I rarely prepare it, however it is really simple, and mostly during the holy month of Ramadan. An easy dish to prepare, I usually put meatballs on it and sprinkle it with roasted almonds.

sweet meat

Lahm lahlou or tagine el helou which means “sweet meat” or “sweet tagine”, is a sweet dish originating in Algeria, made primarily of meat and prunes, possibly with apricots and garnished with raisins and almonds in syrup from. Sugar and rose water. This dish is served as an appetizer or as a dessert during Ramadan and wedding occasions.

Batata fliou

Batata fliou is a potato stew with pennyroyal mint. It is a traditional Algerian dish, originating in the region of Algiers. The word batata is the equivalent of the word “potato” in Arabic.

traditional sweets

Makrout is an Algerian version and different from dates. It is decorated with a filling of almonds flavored with cinnamon. Scented with the scent of orange blossom water, it is best enjoyed with a good peppermint tea.


Dziriat is an Algerian cake par excellence of Algerian origin. It is a handmade oriental pastry. It is a cake that Algerian women are interested in making. Like all Algerian cakes, Dziriat is often served in wedding dishes that consist of a soft dough and a filling of almonds flavored with lemon, soaked in a mixture of honey flavored with blossom water. Orange, crunchy and melting sweetness…


Tsharak: Deer horns (from the Arabic horn), or Tasharak (from Algerian Arabic meaning “croissant”), are pastries from Algeria shaped like crescents. The origins of these pies go back to the walls of the city of Algiers.


A popular honey cake during Ramadan is Almond Samsa, Honey Gourmet Triangles. This version of the Algerian almond powder cake that I am showing will be made with homemade dough (which in Algeria is called samsa laadjine, which means “homemade dough”).


gheriba is a traditional Algerian dry cake, which is ideal to accompany mint tea or coffee and is very popular because it is economical without almonds.