Our Tourist Circuits

Historical Cultural Tour 01

This circuit extends from the House of the Sultan in the Kasbah, passing by the House of the Millennium and the Al-Barani Mosque, to the Al-Riyas Palace “Bastion 23)”. This circuit is cultural per excellence, with its palaces and ancient mosques, and the discovery of historical sites that characterize the capital. The length of this circuit is 1.3 km.

Historical Cultural Tour 02

This circuit includes the monument of Riad Al-Fath, via the Mujahid Museum and the Museum of Antiques and Islamic Arts. This route is considered cultural, including historical sites of places to visit and museums related to the national liberation revolution. The length of this circuit is 4.9. km.

Artistic cultural circuit

This circuit includes sites and monuments with a cultural and artistic vacation per excellence, and is one of the places to visit, also includes buildings that symbolize the capital such as the great post office, as well as museums, cinema sales. This circuit extends over 1.4KM in length

Fun and Entertainment

This circuit constitutes spaces of entertainment and leisures that conceals the capital, such as the swimming pools and the parks of leisures and attractions, it also includes the aquaparks, it extends from bordj Al-Kifan, while passing by Aquaphor Club until the end of the Terry park in chéraga, the length of this circuit crosses 40 km by a route in circles.

Ecotourism circuit

This circuit is considered one of the most important in the capital, given its ecological impact, it constitutes the respiratory lung for the capatila. It contains the forests. This circuit extends from the forest of Bouchaoui, which brings together professional and amateur sportsmen for exercises and picnics for families, as can be found entertainment and leisure facilities. These forests are characterized by ecological diversity and dense plant cover. It also crosses the Bainam forest to the Dudu Forest of Mukhtar in Sharqa This circuit extends a length of 16 km.

Marketing and Entertainment

This circuit brings together both shopping and entertainment in terms of commercial spaces of international brands with games for children. This route extends from the Ardis commercial space, through the Bab El-Zouar shopping center, to the commercial area of ​​the lido This route extends over a length of 6.4 km.

Urban Coastal Sightseeing Tour

This route stretches along the coastal strip of the capital, passing through Ain Taya and Borj El Bahri to the tourist complex and the town of Staoueli, famous for its restaurants and the sale of high quality ice cream. This city is very popular with summer visitors. It extends over a length of 6.5 km.

Rural green tourist route

This green route with a rustic vocation includes farms and natural spaces, such as Hammam Luan, a locality famous for the sale of local food products, wadis, as well as. It extends over a length of 06 km